Unclaimed Baggage Auctions

Unclaimed Baggage Auction

Millions of people across the world look for new and innovative ways to make money. The latest craze in online money making is through airline baggage auctions.

Each year millions of people have their baggage lost at an airport. What happens to those items when they go unclaimed? They are sent to auctions! There are dozens of reality TV shows today about making money – Pawn shows, Storage shows, shipping shows, the list goes on and on! There is a brand new TV show dedicated to Baggage Auctions!

Finding a great tool for location baggage auctions can be tedious and overwhelming – well look no further!

I have put together a GREAT and useful tool for finding the latest Airline Baggage Auctions across the USA! Please  feel free to check out these sites to stay on top of the latest news! Make sure to locate your city or state and use the links to find the best airline luggage auctions so that YOU TOO could be making quick and easy money! See the items listed below!

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Free Wholesale List:

These are semiannual auctions for things that made into the Lost & Found. The March 8, 2011 auction listing stated: “Hundreds of items misplaced at Miami International Airport for more than 60 days will be auctioned at bargain prices. Items include luggage, electronics (e.g. laptop computers, cellular phones, digital cameras, iPods and CD and DVD players), jewelry, toys, sporting goods, paintings and more. Admission is $3. Children under 12 years old are free and complimentary parking is available.” Auctions are announced in their online press releases.

Auction lots have included items that have been lost or found at the Indianapolis
International Airport passenger terminal, such as iPODs, cell phones, jewelry, cameras, and other items. As well, the airport auctions off old equipment, machines and vehicles. The auctions are annual. Auctions are usually announced online two weeks before auction date.

The Atlanta Mail Recovery Center of the United States Postal Service (USPS) Unclaimed Merchandise division’s schedule for public auctions on the sale of unclaimed, damaged, and claim-paid merchandise. Auctions are held once a month.

These are online auctions for unclaimed baggage, freight and lost and found items. Members of the public can view and access items through their website, but a user account is required in order to bid on any item. User accounts are free. The winning bidder will be notified by email. The winning bidder has 72 hours to complete the payment by credit card. All sales are final and, there are no refunds.

These unclaimed baggage and lost and found items are announced online at the airport website for the Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport. In 2011, the auction was held June 13, 2011.  The auction was held inside Building 520 (the former Berry International Terminal) at Detroit Metropolitan Airport  and included airport surplus items as well as unclaimed baggage and freight.

These auctions are held once a year and include unclaimed baggage and lost and found items as well as airport surplus at LAX and other regional airports. The auctions are held at Terminal 4 and is open to pre-registered businesses only.

The San Diego County Regional Airport Authority participates in public auctions with a third party internet auction company for the sale of miscellaneous and surplus items. Airport surplus can also be found at Ken Porter Auctions in Gardena.

This auction is called a “Lost and Found” auction and held at each airport. The auction dates are posted online.

J & J Auctions handles a wide range of auctions including unclaimed freight for the Kansas City, Missouri area, a major mid-west transportation hub.

Unclaimed baggage and lost and found items from London’s Heathrow Airport are auctioned off at R F Greasbys in Tooting, South London
This website runs the auctions for many airports as well as other government offices across the U.S. Auctions are online. You can browse by category such as clothing, jewelry, electronics, computers and so on.

Buyers of lost and found, unclaimed baggage and airport surplus can preview the items beginning at 8 a.m. at the RDU Maintenance Building on National Guard Drive, and the bidding begins at 9 a.m on a Saturday in October. The date and time is announced on their website in advance.

Previously, all unclaimed articles were sold twice yearly, in May and November as a lot sale. Cameras, video equipment, umbrellas, sports equipment, typewriters and fax machines, tools, jewelry, all sorts of electronic items and even computers. Now, they are sold online at eBay here

This auction is held four times a year and includes lost and found items and unclaimed baggage. Each auction includes an estimated 2,400 items, or around 10,000 items annually. Auction dates are announced on the airport website in advance.

These lost and unclaimed baggage items are held for 30 days then sent to the Phoenix Police Department, where they are auctioned off. Auction items include unclaimed baggage, lost and found items, recovered stolen goods, found items, impounded articles, inmates’ property, lost items, evidence and more. Phoenix Marathon Auctions are  held at 9 a.m. on select Saturdays at the Auction Systems warehouse in south Phoenix at 951 W. Watkins St.

Run by the Lee County Port Authority, unclaimed items are auctioned off online at GovDeals.com after they’ve remained unclaimed for 90 days. This website is heavy on computers of all kinds, from small lots to pallets. Many auctions are for bulk lots of a specific product type, such as jewelry. Some individual items are sold. Many vehicles.

Unclaimed items, confiscated items at the Cincinnati- Louisville airport are sold in online auctions online. Ebay hosts the auctions for the State of Kentucky and all airport unclaimed items are sold at these auctions. Large lots of jewelry, knives, box cutters, tools, cell phones and other electronics are typically found. Many auctions for single items too. Look through entire listing for wholesale bulk lots.

Las Vegas Airport auctions are held Saturdays in the spring, typically May, by TNT Auction and include lost and found items, confiscated items as well as other items from other government agencies such as iPods, iPhones and iPads, to Apple computers and jewelry. A physical auction is also held at the State Surplus Store, 2221 Forster St, Harrisburg

Pennsylvania has created an online auction for items seized by the TSA at security checkpoints at Mid-Atlantic area airports. Also includes lost and found and unclaimed luggage.  Auction lots include hundreds of times seized because they could potentially be used as a weapon. These auctions use to be held at eBay. See their feedback here

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  1. would love to attend auction live in Michigan willing to fly for good auction have been buying storage units for few months if you have any info please forward I thank you for your time

  2. I would love to know about the auction in Indianapolis please.

  3. hi just found site do you know were to find luggage auctions in michigan have been searching for awhile
    thank you

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  5. I would love to know when a lost airport baggage auction would be in Illinois.

  6. Hello,

    Where can I find unclaimed luggage auctions in New York!

    • Sunny
      Thanks for the email. I currently do not have any auctions showing up in New York. if you are looking for a great way to make money with storage, government, and luggage auctions then i HIGHLY recommend trying this program out. It has made me tens of thousands of dollars each year and has been an excellent source for located auctions across the US – CLICK HERE

  7. Hello!! Checking to see if there any auctions in va?

  8. Any auctions in the northeast ?

    • Thanks for the comment. Personally, I used this paid website to get ALL my auction information. You can get a trial for ONLY $1 right now! It does cost about $19 a month after, but I have consistently made over $1k per month (on average) using this site. It is well worth the money – If interested, please CLICK HERE

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